How to place Ads and what are AdSense Adult Policies?

If you have a blog or website and you see that some of the pages are not showing Google Adsense Ads. It is frustrating, right! Yes then you must understand that your Adsense account is at risk and if your blog/website will have same issue in many of the pages then your adsense account might get disabled soon.

Google adsense ads publishing policies are really very hard. That was time when certain users were trying to make Google fool by making fake clicks on ads and making money but now the Google is smart. Doing Search is google's main key. Google is surviving as top of the web world only because they has most efficient searching tools. So don't think that you can make google fool and can make good money by fake clicks or by creating similar links as google ad links so that visitor will accidentally click on those ads and your adsense account will get credited. NO! Never try this.

Ad placement on your website should be clear and should not be forged. What I mean to say that a visitor should click on the ad if he knows that he is going to click on a ad and he is interested in visiting that ad. Here are few examples that you should not try on your ad placement:

1. You web page link with same look and feel like google ad units.
2. Images on your blog similar image ads or inbetween Google ad.
3. Link Unit ads or Image ads between web page text or images so that the user will click on than unknowingly.
4. Encouraging visitors or begging them for clicks.
5. Ads in pop-ups
6. Floating ads.
7. Many ad unit all together.
8. Ad unit on a empty web page.
9. Ad unit on a page which does not contain any text.
10. Ad Unit on a page that violates Adsense Ad policies.

There are still many other things that needs to be consider when you are placing ads on your web page. Recently i have attended Google Hangouts on Google AdSense Hangout: Adult Policies and Google AdSense Hangout: Ad Implementation placement and got really very useful information. Unfortunately they made the hangout video private but i believe you still can find it some where on youtube.

I have several blogs one of them is very popular and gets thousands of impressions per day but i was wondering to see that few of the pages of that blog were not showing any ads. Few particular pages were showing just empty place at the place where ads should appear! Why?

My that blog was based on criminal offenses throughout the world and this was the main reason behind the missing ads on few pages. Those pages were violating Google Adsense Adult Policies.

This could also be a main reason when the earnings suddenly drops

. Increase of visitors and increase of daily impression encourages the blogger and unknowingly they start putting some text, keywords in their blog those should not be there. Yes, they get more visitors and impressions but increase of traffic tells Google Spiders to stop showing ads on the pages because now Google has done more SEO on those pages. Result! Publisher still see a big traffic change but lower ad clicks.

Also beaware if your blog/website has lots of javascript or unnecessary css styles, plugins that slowdowns the page while loading. This is also a reason when ads stop appearing on pages.

The hangout described beautifully that there is actually no list of banned keywords from google adsense exists, but google filters everything from the contents of a page. Google ads are always family safe so Google want them to appear on the pages those are also family safe. Google says:

"Before you place AdSense code on your site, ask yourself the following, would you be comfortable viewing this content:

- at work with colleagues
- or at a family dinner with children

if the answer is NO! then it is not appropriate for AdSense either"

So please avoid the list of contents in your website from these lists below. You should go through all the lists before putting ads in your webpages. I myself using Google AdSense on my this blog so it is not possible for me to put any of the violating content in my this post ;) so here you go for all screens from the Google Hangout.